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Product Advancement

Business Optimization

It’s not easy:  rebuilding market share, creating new revenue generating services and add-ons, increasing satisfaction while working within resource constraints, decreasing maintenance costs while keeping stakeholders happy.

Our experts have significant experience with the most difficult product and service-centric situations, allowing our clients to discover hidden and untapped product value and organizational knowledge.

Processes and procedures are powerful tools in an organization, allowing for efficient scaling of capabilities to meet demand and for rapid training of new staff.  However, when processes and structures no longer match the mission, target markets, or products/services offered by the business, they become a hinderance, stifling growth and hindering change.  OAG has time-tested solutions which can enable your business to transition and rekindle growth.


Technology Optimization

Security and Risk Mitigation

Infrastructure.  IT.  Internal Tech.  Known by many names, technology solutions have been significant tools enabling dramatic increases in productivity.  Now, in just a short period of time, technology has gone from a productivity-enhancing cost center to becoming a key player: allowing organizations to fulfill new customer-facing product and service offerings.  Our professionals have demonstrated experience in aligning internal technologies with industry best practices, best of breed suppliers, and with new product offerings.

Doing business in our rapidly evolving modern business world is both exciting and daunting.  Information security issues in particular have the potential to derail an organization’s ambitions.  Transforming information security problems into growth enablers is at the heart of OAG’s Security and Risk Mitigation practice.  Formed from the acquisition of NetDefend Consulting, a premiere information security services firm with over a decade of experience, our SRM service provides market-leading, advanced strategic and tactical security solutions.  For more information, please proceed to the legacy NetDefend Consulting site: http://www.netdefend.net.

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